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Welcome to the TOPS Awards

All nominees will be judged by industry employees who work outside the state of North Carolina. Each award category specifies the required items and judging criteria.

  • Submittal of the online nomination
  • Confirmation of approval from the nominee’s supervisor
  • Shopping score from an independent shopping service (*select categories)
  • Supplemental nomination forms (*select categories)
  • Letters of recommendation (*select categories)

Team Category

  • Be a current TAA Member Company or Sole Proprietor in good standing
  • Have been in operation for all 12 months during 2021
  • Been a TAA Member for the full year in 2021

Individual Category

  • Be a full-time employee of a current TAA Member Company in good standing
  • Have been employed in the nominated position his/her current position for a minimum of 12 months (not required to be at the same community/company)
  • Rookie Team Member of the Year is an exemption (Office, Service, and Supplier). These individuals should have been hired in 2021.

The Person Submitting the Nomination must:

  • Be a full-time employee of a TAA Member in good standing
  • Complete the nomination in full

Please note: The awards are being held in 2022 for the period of January 2021 – December 2021.

How to Submit
1. Login through the TAA Portal.
2. Begin a new application or access applications in process with the "Start" button.

3. All applications are saved throughout the process. Applicants may exit an application and return at anytime for completion before the submission window closes. All saved applications can be found under My Account > Incomplete Submissions.